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Grounding and bonding your cable TV and telephone wiring

Grounding and Bonding Telephone and Cable TV Wiring

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Dear Mr. Electrician: How do I ground my telephone and cable TV demarcation terminal blocks?
Answer: Beginning with the 2008 "National Electrical Code" update, it is now required that an Intersystem Bonding Termination (See pictures below) be installed whenever the grounding electrode system is updated or installed during new construction
For existing houses this usually does not occur until the electrical service is upgraded.  However there is no reason not to upgrade your grounding system now!  You will be safer from lightning by doing so. 

Read article 250.94 in the National Electrical Code for more information on Intersystem Bonding Termination requirements.

Thumbnail photos below.


Intersystem Bonding Termination Strips can be installed on existing grounding electrode conductors and are quite reasonable (A few dollars) to purchase.  They can be found at an electrical supply company or Amazon and are made to attach to existing wiring.  Grounding and bonding of your telephone and TV wiring will help protect your house and your appliances from lightning damage.  When lightning strikes, it wants to go directly to earth.  By having a good ground connection with bonding, a low resistance path is created to allow lightning to go to earth without passing through the wiring in your house.

National Electrical Code references: Articles 250.50, 250.52, 250.53, 250.70, 250.94, 800.100(A), (B), (C) & (D), 800.106, 820.100.  Other articles and codes may apply depending on location, type of building and local code requirements.

Usually the Intersystem Bonding Termination would get attached to the grounding electrode conductor that is attached to a ground rod near the outside electric meter and the other utilities such as telephone and cable & satellite TV.  An additional Intersystem Bonding Termination could also be installed indoors near the electrical panel or near the water pipe ground connection if needed.

From the Intersystem Bonding Termination you would install a #10 copper wire to the cable TV terminal block or the satellite dish.  A #10 copper wire is also sufficient for the telephone demarcation block.

Click here for photos of an alternative method of grounding and bonding the cable TV and telephone wiring that I did on an older home.

Having everything grounded and bonded properly will help prevent damage or a fire as a result of the telephone or cable TV wires being struck by lightning.

Click here for more details on grounding and ground rods.

Click for a larger photo of an Intersystem bonding Termination Click for a larger photo of an Intersystem bonding Termination

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Updated December 15, 2015

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