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Repair Your Own Bathroom Exhaust Fan

"Almost Everything You Need to Know to Repair a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Your Home"

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Has your bathroom fan stopped operating?  Is it more noisy than usual?  Is it underperforming?

Replacing the bathroom fan motor is just a few simple steps that a novice can complete.

You need to find the correct replacement parts.  My book can help with that.

I also suggest tools that may be needed, in addition to safety information.
Usually a bathroom exhaust fan can be fixed without having to replace the entire unit.  Replacement parts are available for many bathroom fans.  The difficulty is in finding the correct replacement parts.  In my book I list the contact information for most of the bathroom exhaust fan manufacturers and other suppliers of bath fan replacement parts.
As an electrician I have installed, replaced, and repaired many models of bathroom fans.  There are certain factors that contribute to the optimum performance of a bathroom exhaust fan.  There are also a few things that a homeowner can do to maintain a bathroom fan and keep it running for as long as possible.  One important tip is to be sure to obtain the correct replacement parts when attempting a repair.

Many bathroom exhaust fans can be serviced by a novice with a few simple steps.  With all of the fans that I have repaired, one common problem was prevalent in all of them.
 "Almost Everything You Need to Know to Repair a Bathroom Exhaust Fan In Your Home" A Total of 19 Easy-to-Read Pages
Safety When you work around your home, you take some of the same risks as a professional.  You need to protect yourself.
Diagnose Things to check for optimum bath fan performance.
Identify The correct model number and specifications for your fan.
Repair How to repair your bath fan.
Prevention Get the longest life from your bathroom fan.
Tools Tools and materials that may be needed.
Parts Where to obtain the correct replacement parts.
Glossary Terms related to bath fan installations.

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